Mr Major's Doorstep Interview at Huntingdon Post Office - 15th November 1996
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1996 - Mr Major’s Doorstep Interview at a Huntingdon Post Office

Below is the text of Mr Major’s doorstep interview in outside a Post Office in Huntingdon, held on Friday 15th November 1996.

[Mr Major was asked about the second anniversary of the National Lottery]


It's been a stunning success. We established the National Lottery because I saw it as the only way we could provide large amounts of resources to the arts, to heritage, to sport. That's what happened and we can now look forward. There is something like £300 million every year going into five different good causes including sports and the arts and that is going to revolutionise sporting prospects and revolutionise the availability of money. It's going very well.

[Mr Major was asked about the mid-week lottery and whether it was a step too far with people spending more money than they could afford?]


I have a higher view of the responsibility of people than you do. I don't see why the nanny state should stop that. If there's a demand for it, there's going to be a mid week lottery. People will make their own responsible decisions

[Mr Major was asked Norman Tebbit and the Euro-sceptics]


Interesting view from Lord Tebbit. It's not one I share.

[Mr Major was asked what would he do with the money if he won the lottery]


I'm not anticipating doing so. It's rather difficult if you haven't bought a ticket.