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1993 - Mr Major’s Opening Remarks at Arrival of Canadian Prime Minister

Below is the text of Mr Major’s opening remarks at the arrival of the Canadian Prime Minister, Mr Mulroney, in London on Tuesday 11th May 1993.


Can I just say what a pleasure it is to welcome the Prime Minister back to London. He is a very old and dear friend of the United Kingdom and he is always a very welcome guest indeed.

We have had the opportunity this morning of looking at a whole range of things. We spent quite a time on Bosnia. Canada has had a very distinguished role in assisting in Bosnia; many of their troops have done an absolutely magnificent job over the last year or so and I was able to express my admiration to the Prime Minister for the work that they have done.

We had the opportunity to discuss GATT, a whole range of bilateral matters, the Prime Minister's recent visits to Russia and to Germany and a series of other international issues.

What I am proposing to do this morning is leave the Prime Minister with you. I have some other meetings so I am going to leave him in your good hands. We are delighted to see him. I am looking forward to seeing him for dinner.