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1993 - PMQT Written Answers 1st July 1993

Below is the text of the written answers relating to Prime Minister's Question Time from 1st July 1993.


Commonwealth Conference

Mr. Cox : To ask the Prime Minister what discussions he has had with the Government of Cyprus regarding the political and social arrangements for the forthcoming commonwealth conference to take place in Cyprus later this year ; and if he will make a statement.

The Prime Minister : I discussed arrangements for the forthcoming Commonwealth Heads of Government meeting with President Clerides, when he called on me in March. I understand that the planning for these arrangements is progressing well.

Parliamentary Private Secretaries

Mr. Kirkwood : To ask the Prime Minister, pursuant to his answer of 24 November, Official Report, column 577-8, if he will publish the current list of parliamentary private secretaries and the Ministers to whom each is attached.

The Prime Minister : The current list of parliamentary private secretaries and the Ministers to whom each is attached is as follows :

Ministry                                           |Parliamentary                                               

                                 |Private Secretary                         


Agriculture, Fisheries and Food

  Minister for Agriculture (Mrs. G. Shephard)      |Mr. J. Brazier                            

  Minister of State (Mr. M. Jack)Miss E. Nicholson                                            


  Secretary of State (Mr. M. Rifkind)              |Mr. H. Bellingham                         

  Minister of State (Mr. J. Aitken)                |Mr. S. Milligan                           

  Minister of State (Mr. J. Hanley)                |Mr. R. Gale                               

Duchy of Lancaster

  Chancellor of the Duchy (Mr. W. Waldegrave)      |Mr. I. Taylor                             


  Secretary of State (Mr. J. Patten)               |Mr. M. Carrington                         

  Minister of State (Lady Blatch)                  |Mr. D. Evennett                           


  Secretary of State (Mr. D. Hunt)                 |Mr. N. Evans                              

  Minister of State (Mr. M. Forsyth)               |Mrs. A. Browning                          


  Secretary of State (Mr. J. Gummer)               |Mr. J. Paice                              

  Minister of State (Sir G. Young)                 |Dr. C. Goodson-Wickes                     

  Minister of State (Mr. D. Curry)                 |Mr. D. French                             

  Minister of State (Mr. T. Yeo)                   |Mr. M. Trend                              

Foreign Office

  Secretary of State (Mr. D. Hurd)                 |Mr. D. Martin                             

  Minister of State (Mr. A. Goodlad)               |Mr. G. Kynoch                             

  Minister of State (Mr. D. Hogg)                  |Mr. H. Booth                              

  Minister of State (Mr. D. Heathcoat-Amory)       |Mr. R. Richards                           

  Minister for Overseas Development (Lady Chalker) |Mr. M. Robinson                           

  PUSS (Mr. M. Lennox-Boyd)                        |Mr. M. Robinson                           


Secretary of State (Mrs. V. Bottomley)             |Mr. K. Mans                               

Minister of State (Dr. B. Mawhinney)               |Mr. P. Thompson                           

Home Office

  Secretary of State (Mr. M. Howard)               |Dr. L. Fox                                

  Minister of State (Mr. P. Lloyd)                 |Mr. D. Wilshire                           

  Minister of State (Mr. D. MacLean)               |Mr. J. Arnold                             

Law Officers Department

  Attorney-General (Sir N. Lyell)                  |Mr. T. Devlin                             

  Solicitor-General (Sir D. Spencer)               |Mr. G. Streeter                           

National Heritage

  Secretary of State (Mr. P. Brooke)               |Mr. A. Steen                              

Northern Ireland Office

  Secretary of State (Sir P. Mayhew)               |Mr. M. Moss                               

  Minister of State (Mr. R. Atkins)                |Mr. J. Hayes                              

  Minister of State (Sir J. Wheeler)               |Mr. J. Evans                              

Prime Minister                                     |Mr. G. Bright                             

Privy Council Office

  Lord President and Leader of the House of Commons    (Mr. T. Newton)         |Mr. J. Marshall                           

Scottish Office

  Secretary of State (Mr. I. Lang)                 |Mr. S. Coombs                             

Social Security

  Secretary of State (Mr. P. Lilley)               |Mr. P. Merchant                           

  Minister of State (Mr. N. Scott)                 |Mr. M. Bates                              

  PUSS (Mr. A. Burt/Lord Henley/Mr. W. Hague)      |Mr. I. Bruce                              

Trade and Industry

  President of the Board (Mr. M. Heseltine)        |Mr. R. Ottaway                            

  Minister of State (Mr. T. Sainsbury)             |Mrs. A. Knight                            

  Minister of State (Mr. R. Needham)               |Mr. A. Rowe                               

  Minister of State (Mr. T. Eggar)                 |Mr. S. Burns                              


  Secretary of State (Mr. J. MacGregor)            |Mr. G. Riddick                            

  Minister of State (Mr. R. Freeman)               |Mr. B. Wells                              


  Chancellor of the Exchequer (Mr. K. Clarke)      |Mr. P. Oppenheim                          

  Chief Secretary (Mr. M. Portillo)                |Mr. D. Amess                              

  Financial Secretary (Mr. S. Dorrell)             |Mr. G. Brandreth                          

  Paymaster General (Sir J. Cope)                  |Dr. I. Twinn                              

Welsh Office

  Secretary of State (Mr. J. Redwood)              |Mr. D. Evans                              

  Minister of State (Sir W. Roberts)               |Mr. D. Tredinnick                         


Sir Peter Tapsell : To ask the Prime Minister if he will list his official engagements for Thursday 1 July.

Mr. Harry Greenway : To ask the Prime Minister if he will list his official engagements for Thursday 1 July.

The Prime Minister : This morning I presided at a meeting of the Cabinet and had meetings with ministerial colleagues and others. In addition to my duties in the House, I shall be having further meetings later today.

Iraq and Somalia

Mr. Dalyell : To ask the Prime Minister what representations he has had from UNICEF on the effects on children and infants of United Nations high-tech military action in Iraq and Somalia.

The Prime Minister : UNICEF has not made such representations to me. We remain in close touch with United Nations agencies providing humanitarian relief to Iraq and Somalia.

Legislative Drafting

Mr. Allen : To ask the Prime Minister what percentage of Government legislative drafting is carried out by lawyers not permanently employed as parliamentary counsel; and what plans there are for change.

The Prime Minister : In terms of primary legislation, all Government Bills, except those relating exclusively to Scotland and the Appropriation and Consolidated Fund Bills, are drafted by members of the parliamentary counsel office. From time to time some consolidation Bills have been drafted by lawyers who have been members of the parliamentary counsel office but who are no longer employed in the public service. The proportion of work undertaken in this way is not significant and it is not practicable to specify it as a percentage of the total drafting work undertaken by the members of the parliamentary counsel office. There are no plans for change at the moment.

Questions of Procedure for Ministers

Mr. Denham : To ask the Prime Minister on how many occasions in the last 12 months he has been consulted by the Minister of State, Northern Ireland Office, the hon. Member for Hampshire, East (Mr. Mates), under paragraphs 126 and 127 of "Questions of Procedure for Ministers"; on what subjects; and on what dates.

The Prime Minister [holding answer 24 June 1993] : Consultations between the Prime Minister and other Ministers are private.

Morgan Rogerson (Car Loan)

Mr. Denham : To ask the Prime Minister on which date he was first aware that the hon. Member for Hampshire, East (Mr. Mates) had received the loan of a car from the Morgan Rogerson company or from individuals associated with that company.

The Prime Minister [holding answer 24 June 1993] : My hon. Friend issued a statement to the press explaining the circumstances in which a temporary loan of a car to his wife had been made. He informed my office at the time he issued the statement.